About us
Almanac is building collaborative infrastructure to serve human creativity.

True creativity happens when we have time to be in deep flow.

Yet work hasn’t been designed for that.

Office work is defined by constant meetings, micromanagement, and endless distractions.
Most professionals spend 40% of their day manually managing workflows: looking for the right version, recreating existing work from scratch, coordinating revisions across tools.

And even though many of us are no longer chained to a corporate office with bad fluorescent lighting, we still work like we are.

We need to work differently.

Work needs to be more inclusive.
More creative.
More focused on what’s truly important.

Almanac is the only platform designed for async collaboration.

Our collaborative infrastructure supports distributed teams to work with power, clarity, and speed. To face the greatest opportunities and challenges the world faces, we can’t waste time.

The most interesting innovations will come from people working together with the time and space to do it.
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Meet our distributed team.

Adam Nathan
Co-founder & CEO
NYC, NY • United States
Eddie Wu
Head of Engineering
Austin, TX • United States
Taylor Thompson
Greensboro, NC • United States
Akshay Chugh
Growth Manager
Bangalore, India
Alan Cassinelli
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Portland, OR • United States
Alexis Freitas
Senior QA Engineer
Santa Lucia, Uruguay
Alice E. Pang
Head of Brand Marketing
Los Angeles, CA • United States
Allison Daley
Product Operations
Portland, OR • United States
Aly Pensinger
QA Engineer
Madison, WI • United States
Andrea Watts
Head of Growth Marketing
Denver, CO • United States
Andrew Logemann
Wenham, MA • United States
Andreza Feu
Software Engineer
Louisville, KY • United States
Bailey Lui
Performance Marketing Lead
Daly City, CA • United States
Briam Santiago
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Caylynn Lewis
Executive Business Partner
Denver, CO • United States
Dakota Raymond
Engineering Lead, Editor Team
Logan, UT • United States
Daniel Garcia
Mexico City, Mexico
Danielle Eben
Customer Operations Manager
Chicago, IL • United States
Danilo Resende
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dario Garcia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Deepak Jose
Kochi • India
Emily Kasper
Lead Recruiter
Austin, TX • United States
Erwin Debusschere
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fabian Rydel
Montevideo, Uruguay
Fabien Loup
Lausanne, Switzerland
Gabriel Hernandez
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gabriel Perácio
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Greg Zapp
Engineering Lead, Platform Team
San Antonio, TX • United States
Gregorio Setti
Engineering Lead, OS Team
London, England
Ivan Hu
Product Manager
Oakland, CA • United States
Ivan Manolov
Lead Designer
Providence, RI • United States
Jafeth Diaz
Software Engineer
Lima, Peru
Jasmine Feldmann
Engineering Lead
Durham, NC • United States
Jonathan Whittington
Asheville, NC • United States
Josh Debner
Senior Product Manager
Seattle, WA • United States
Juliano Gomes
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Katherine Kampf
Sr. Product Manager
Seattle, WA • United States
Kevin Aleman
Engineering Manager
Conroe, TX • United States
Luke Tower
Atlanta, GA • United States
Mark Sauer-Utley
NYC, NY • United States
Martin Denyer
London, England
Martin Mochetti
Montevideo, Uruguay
Matt Heytens
Operations Lead
Austin, TX • United States
Melody Tribble
Bozeman, MT • United States
Mona Kaushal
QA Lead
Santa Clara, CA • United States
Natalie Hanisch
Lincoln, NE • United States
Natanael Guerra
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Patrick Schulze
Cottbus, Germany
Phillip Kessels
Porto, Portugal
Russel Quadros
Seoul, South Korea
Santiago Gelabert
QA Lead
Montevideo, Uruguay
Somil Kumar
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Steven Ko
Seattle, WA • United States
Thomas Melching
Growth Manager
Traveling the world
Vlad G. Rill
London, England
Yichen Guo
Growth Analyst
Beijing, China
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